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Download WinFlume 4.0

The Winflume software designs and calibrates flow measurement and control structures in open channels. To order the related book go to  Water Resources Publications

For the Chinese version of this manual

Hallberg Rassy

This is the world leading yacht builder. During summer we spend considerable time on our boat. Our boat is an HR 36. 

Crop Irrigation WAter Requirements can be calculated with the free software CRIWAR 3.0. This software belongs to the book “Water Requirements for Irrigation and the Environment”. It views water requirements for crop production and for a stable water balance in the irrigated area. Published by Springer.

Criwar 3.0

Irrigation and Drainage Performance Assessment. These international Guidelines are a must to assess (and subsequently improve) the performance of irrigation and drainage.

To order this 158 page book, go to CABI International.


The International Institute for Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation is a faculty of the University of Twente. It offers MSc courses and guides PhD research. All research is related to GIS and Satellite Remote Sensing.

The last PhD thesis under my guidance was by Lal P. Muthuwatta on water availability and consumption in the Karkheh River Basin –Iran. 

The former ILRI has been dissolved into Wageningen University and Research Center. Two of its popular publications can be downloaded in PDF format:

19: On Irrigation Efficiencies

20: Discharge measurement Structures

ILRI Publication 19
ILRI Publication 20