Our five main activities are related to the following water management aspects:

Water measurement with Flumes and Weirs

To manage water, its flow rate must be known in terms of time at specified locations. To facilitate this task,  flow measurement structures can be used. To design and calibrate structures for any size open channel, we offer free software.

Performance assessment of water use is a modern tool to manage irrigated areas. The international accepted theory assesses water use for food production, for the environment, and for the socio-economic position of the farmers. Practical guidelines are available. 

Water Requirements for Irrigation and the Environment.

CRIWAR 3.0, is a simulation program which transfers the estimated evapo-transpiration of the cropped area into the water requirements of an irrigated area. Also the water requirements of the environment are taken into account

Water allocation is quickly becoming a key issue. With the growth of world population and economic development, more fresh water is needed for a variety of competing uses. Quantification of these water uses, and the simulation of alternative allocation scenarios, reduces the magnitude of conflicts.

River basin management. In 2025 about 60% of world population lives in a river basin where water is scarce. In other words; where insufficient water is available to grow food for the local population.  Since 1970 we work on this challenge.